Damian Gracey

Account Manager

I have been working in the IT industry for 15 years, starting as an Office Junior and working my way up to become a Senior Account Manager. An account management role at PCS differs from most as I am responsible for all of my client's IT purchasing, from conception and order taking, through to delivery and customer services. This enables me to make my own decisions for the benefit of my customers, with the freedom to effectively run my own business, managing every aspect to ensure that my customers receive the right products and services at the right time.

The training I have received at PCS over the years has been extensive and frequent and has enabled me to become a true solutions provider.

What I genuinely enjoy most about my role is dealing with different people, and my personable nature has enabled me to build lasting relationships with my customers. 70% of my existing customers are people who I have been dealing with since I started working in IT sales. I'm quite old school in my approach, preferring to talk to my customers directly on the phone, as it enables me to understand their requirements both fully and quickly. I'm always available for fast responses via email, fax or even snail mail! I'm an experienced, capable and knowledgeable Account Manager. My style is open and honest, traits which my customers value and has led to the rest of my customer base being built from recommendations, an achievement I am really proud of, as this is the highest accolade my customers can give.


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