Will Woolmer

Account Manager

With over 10 years working in sales and 8 of those spent in IT account management, I feel like I'm on a continual learning curve of new experiences. Working in the IT industry is challenging, fuelled by the ever changing technology, but I would never change it, this is what I enjoy about my job. I'd like to think of myself as a gadget man, I'm a keen researcher seeking the latest products and solutions which interest me on a personal level and can be shared to benefit my customers. This is what makes me passionate about the industry as there are always new things to learn to keep me on my toes.

My customer base is built up of a range of businesses from schools through to charities to corporates enabling me to gain complimentary experience. I predominantly work with customers in the education sector. This is where my expertise lies, and I feel that my 8 years of experience working with schools has enabled me to develop extensive knowledge of products, solutions and requirements specific to the sector as well as a thorough understanding of putting together licensing agreements.

To my customers I'm not just an IT supplier. I'm a friendly person to call, dedicated to searching for the best products and services. I ensure I get the goods to my customers on time, if a customer needs equipment delivered by a certain day or time then they know I will endeavour to make it happen, and if I'm unable to do this I will be truthful with my customers, a trait which has enabled me to establish trusting relationships.

As an Account Manager I pride myself on the service I deliver, going beyond the call of duty for every one of my customers to ensure that they are always happy and confident in my abilities so that they utilise my service the next time they have a requirement.

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