Scott Hawkey

Technical Services Manager

I’ve been working in the IT industry for 20 years, starting out networking photocopiers, to my current role as Technical Services Manager at PCS. I knew that I wanted to work in IT so I brought myself a computer and taught myself everything I needed to know, and that’s how my career started. Since then I’ve worked in various roles within the IT industry from Networking, Field Engineering and as a Service Desk Manager all enabling me to gain a well-rounded wealth of knowledge and understanding, collecting recognised qualifications along the way, as well as working with different types of businesses, all experiences which I use in my current role as Technical Services Manager at PCS.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a traditional nerd. I like technology but importantly I’m more interested in understanding the logic of how it works, which is why I prefer to tackle technology with a hands-on approach. Whilst I was working as a Field Engineer I had a server in my garage at home, I wanted to understand every component and get my head around ways to be proactive when it comes to identifying and solving problems. I like to encourage my hands-on approach with our customers as I think its important for them to get to grips with new technology and see proposed solutions for themselves by visiting our onsite demonstration facilities at PCS.

Outside of the office I’m kept busy spending time with my young family. I can be found wrestling or running and jumping around, basically anything my 5 year old son is doing. I’m currently teaching him to play the drums to my wife and neighbours delight!

I’m proud to be managing PCS’s highly qualified and experienced Technical Team. Our offering is unique, we’re a fast, flexible and friendly support team.

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